Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 9 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

I must say that the person I pour my heart out to while on my knees has gotten me through all kinds of tempests and trials. My Savior loves me. He never leaves me completely alone. He guides me and lifts me up when I can't walk another step on my own.

He also gave me an incredible husband to walk through life with. We drive each other completely crazy sometimes, but we know we can count on each other no matter what. We've been through a lot in our almost-13 years together! He takes care of me and usually says just the right thing at just the right moment. He still melts me. We laugh ALL THE TIME! I'm so glad he's mine!

Here he is being raised to be the funny, strong, helpful, supportive man I know him to be.

Baby Becca on oxygen.

Double birthday party for our January birthdays... Becca's 1st.

Becca and Emily


Emily building with Daddy.

Emily playing "pretendo."

Feeding baby Gracie.

Gracie playing pretendo.

Landon smiling at Daddy.

Geoff's mini-me.


Da Boyz!

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Grandma Turtle said...

Ya. That picture of Geoff as a little boy.... spittin' image of Landon! Wow!