Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summertime Goals

Fix Becca's hair every day

How: I will not fix my own hair until she is dressed and her hair fixed.
Document: I will post pics on the blog weekly of my favorites.
Always laying on or leaning against something rats up Becca's hair. She hates having it brushed and fixed when I have to brush out the tangles, so I have been known to give her days off. This doesn't do anybody any favors and every teen age girl deserves to look her best every day. 

Rearrange my Bedroom

How: De-clutter and get rid of stuff so we can walk in there. Laundry closer to the closet and the bathroom and TV at an angle that doesn't crick my neck... yeah, yeah, first world problems, I know.
Document: Nobody needs to see pics, I'll just live in a nicer space and be content.

Rhubarb Pie

Just YUM! 

My current Work In Progress finished and sent off

How: Rough draft done by my Mom's birthday. An edit or two and send. it. off.
Document: Maybe I'll brag on Facebook here and there about how far I am.

A yard Larry would be proud of

- Healthy raspberries
- Prune the behemoth tree in the back
- Work on the lilac hedge
- Something needs to be done about the corner garden in the front... prune roses, possibly get rid of the huge pines and replace with something pretty and ornamental.
- Keep up on the front flower bed. Peonies. Holly hocks. More perennials.
- Dream about things like flower boxes on the bedroom windows and pavers around the window wells.

GO and do something fun at least once a week

Last year, between Becca's needs and the potty training needs of others, we didn't go very many places. I would go days without really leaving the house or our yard. This year will not be like last year. Even if we walk down the park a few times a week, we need to get out. I'd really like to actually go places, though. We have a Thanksgiving Point pass and the Pass of All Passes and my girls are old enough to be great helpers in public. This goal is for my own protection and the sanity of us all! 

Goals are due before the first day of school this Fall.