Friday, April 30, 2010

Don Knotts, Leader of the Geeks

When was the last time you've seen a Don Knotts movie? If you can't remember, I highly recommend you open up your Netfilx queue in another tab and add one right on in there. Make sure and add one that has Tim Conway in it, too, you will not be disappointed! The Apple Dumpling Gang

Last night we watched Private Eyes. Our kids didn't get some of the spoken humor, but they loved the prat falls and funny faces from both of the main characters. They're kind of yin and yang, Don and Tim. Tim Conway is the down pillow to Don Knotts' pins and needles. Don is always nervous and on edge and Tim just seems to accidentally fall into being funny. Of course, I mean their movie characters, I am not professing to know either one of them personally. :)

As I watched Don Knotts' face morph from "uh-oh!" to "oh brother!" to "yipes!" I mused that he is funny because he's not beauiful. If you took, Pierce Brosnan for instance and made him try for those same faces, it wouldn't be nearly as fall-on-the-floor funny as Don Knotts makes them. You would have to have a unique brand of self esteem to wake up every morning knowing people loved you for your humor and not your savoire-faire. And we do love them, don't we? On Geoff and I's first date, he made me laugh the entire time! Don't get me wrong, I lo-o-ove the way Geoff looks, but the way he made me laugh that night made him more memorable than other guys I'd been out with; they tried too hard. You could be the cutest guy in the world, but if you're boring, I'm going to have trouble remembering your name, if you know what I mean.

I also happen to love The Ghost and Mr. Chicken because he gets the pretty girl. It's so cute how he doesn't really believe that she likes him over the obnoxious hunk of man-meat that is always chasing her around. As for me, myself and I... we stand by our geek, uh, um, man.