Friday, March 03, 2006


We are still looking for a job and we're willing to go great lengths to try to find one. How great of lengths? How about a two hour drive and two night stay? :) We didn't decide until Monday that we were going and Tuesday we were off!

We really, really enjoyed hanging out with all of our Logan cousins! :) Emily and Gracie had a ball playing with Karina and Jake and Cita and Allie! Becca loved all the loves she got! Could Bella be any cuter?! It was fun for Geoff and I to have adult friends to talk to and hang out with, too. We miss that-- A LOT!!

We stayed at Chez Lichfield and the accommodations were mighty nice! :) Heather and Adam were very good hosts and it was nice to have a place to crash that had a separate room for the kids and didn't cost much more than the price of a few dishes washed! ;) We had so much fun!! I love the stadium seating couches! I am wondering if I can get away with that somewhere! :) Our little bed bug Gracie slept with us the second night since every time we got near her bed in the other room she screamed so loud, I was sure she would wake up the neighbors, hard of hearing or not! So, we put her between us on the mattress in the living room and I thought we all went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I wake up and... no Gracie! "Geoff! Geoff! Where's Gracie?!" We look over the top of the bed and there she is, asleep on the floor, no blankie, just got out of bed, played with the luggage tag for a while and then crashed right there on the floor! Weirdo. :)

The job fair that we went up for, wasn't all that fruitful, but it does only take one great job offer to have a job! :) We're still hoping to have some results from it in some form or another. Geoff talked Josh into going with him and they had fun collecting the strange stuff people give away to get you to come to their booth. We're still not sure who they pick in their company to go sit in a booth and say, "I dunno, maybe you should check our website." Geoff did give out a few resumes and has a little pile of websites to check out, so you never know! And meantime we had a lot of fun!

Our prayers are with Stephen and Stacey and their little family. We hope you feel better soon and we know that there are lots of angels hanging out at your house! Thanks to Josh and Ingrid for letting us party at your house! Emily and Karina are the dress up divas! I can't believe we got out of there without any pictures of them! Next time, we're bringing the video camera!! ;) Ingridcita, you are one amazing, beautiful, talented girl! Brian, Kara and Kaylynn, I'm sorry our trip landed on your busy "piano lessons in Salt Lake" day! I'm glad we got to chat with Kara and her baby that's coming in the best month there is!! ;) I would say that if you had your baby on the 7th, would you name him after me, but I suppose a boy named Diana is a little strange! :) A big, huge THANK YOU to Adam and Heather for letting us sleep in your extra beds and eat your food and best of all, play your Sims!! Your kind deeds will not be soon forgotten! Especially the Sims because you know, past food and sleep, it's one of my favorite things to do! ;) Thanks to all for a trip that was T, double E, double R, double I, double F, double I, double C-C-C!! :) :)