Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Diana Needs

Okay, I'm in over my head with this Christmas business, so what am I doing? Taking a break and getting lost on the computer for a few minutes! :D I first saw this idea on Melissa's blog and I have been curious as to what mine would be. But it took my brother, Darrin, doing it too to make me curious enough to check and then I really had to post it! :D

Here are the rules if you decide to try it... you should! It's fun! All you do is Google your first name with the word "needs" after it and post the first 10 results. In other words, I Googled "Diana needs" and here's what came up:

1. Diana needs a wealthy husband. (Did we all guess that with my name the first one would be about Princess Diana? :D This one was about tabloids saying she needed to get married after she divorced the Prince.)

2. Diana needs a nickname.

3. Diana needs to come over and turn my charming studio into a warehouse loft!

4. Diana needs Facebook.

5. Diana needs you now! (As if that weren't funny enough, here's the rest of the tagline:) Finally, Diana is getting obedience training.

6. Does anyone else think that Diana needs to go this week ?

7. Diana needs... Pattie invited everyone to play along with this game and now I'm inviting you :-) The rules:All you have to do is Google your first name with the word 'needs' (As if Melissa and Darrin were not enough, I was also invited by Pattie to do this post! :D )

8. Diana needs help about NCS2001 amp (Aint that the truth?!) :D

9. Diana needs some RAM upgrade.

10. Re: What Diana needs to do about Ebay

This one was technically number 15, but well worth saying out loud... Diana Needs A Hug.

Number one is defnitely not true unless you mean Spiritually wealthy and that I've got! ;) Number two could be it's own post with room for plenty of comments and suggestions! :D I'm not sure how I'd go about number 3, but hey! there's a first time for everything! Number 4 is most definitely true! I heart Facebook! Yeah, like number 5 would help me now, everyone knows you can't teach an old dog new tricks! :D Nobody better answer number 6 unless it's to say I get to stay!! I don't know... Geoff, do I need numbers 8 and 9? You would be the only one to know! ;) What Diana needs to know about Ebay is that going to D.I. online can be very dangerous for your pocketbook! :D And I ALWAYS need hugs!!

Consider yourself tagged!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Guess what this list is...

One can of PediaSure
One dusty binky
Three socks
A stuffed fish
Seven receipts
A generic hot wheel car
Three lists
Two craft/fabric store ads
Two expired Medicaid cards
Three pens

Yep! You guessed it! This was what I cleaned out of my purse before filling it with books to entertain children at the doctor's office. :D I guess I have upgraded my purse to more of an activity bag with my planner/wallet thrown inside. It's a blessing and a curse... I can usually find something for someone to do, but that means I have carried it all around! Ever seen "One Fine Day?" :D

So, analyzing this list, what does my purse say about me? With that many old receipts, expired Medicaid cards and used up grocery lists, I'd say that I'm pretty disorganized... but I did attempt to clean it out, so maybe I'm only temporarily disorganized and I usually get around to getting things in order. :) Those 3 pens have been sorely missed! With budding artists in the house I can rarely find a writing utensil all to myself... I was pretty excited to find these. The binky, fish and the hot wheel car belong to the brudder in our family... who, I might add, is extremely easy to entertain! And obviously we have a blessing in our family that the Medicaid cards and PediaSure point to... Medicaid covers everything that regular insurance doesn't (just for her) and not every Mom can pump food straight into the belly of a difficult eater! :D

Even though the doctor was not fun (!!) we are hoping to get our Daddy feeling much better. And a big thank you to my Mom for the books that we brought and read together while we waited.