Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey, hey, Boo Boo!

I have an 8 year old daughter with disabilities, I'm always on the lookout for things that are going to help me be able to do everything I need to do for her. I've recently discovered a way to protect my back and keep it strong and healthy for all of the lifting I do day in and day out. Let's be honest, though, it's not just Becca, Mr. "Just because I CAN walk, doesn't mean I do it ALL the time!" plays a hefty part, too! Pun most definitely intended! ;)

I do Yoga!

And I love it! I have a pregnancy yoga video that I used to use, but I'd really only pull it out towards the end when I was way uncomfortable and trying to find a way to help sore muscles. A while ago, we were at Ross... yes, the dress for less one, and saw a yoga video for a few dollars. I LOVE IT! I always feel so good afterwards. It's very relaxing and slow, yet I end up pleasantly sore the next day because I really did get a workout. I am enjoying it more as I go and I can do the poses by listening to her instructions rather than having to try and look at the screen. My girls love to do it with me! Don't expect any video, though! I think I look pretty silly and we have a no poparazzi zone during yoga time! :D

I've talked to other Mom's with kids with disabilities and a lot of them have used and liked yoga, too. The whole point is that if you strengthen your core muscles... abs, etc.... then your back has the support it needs and all of the muscles work together to give you more lifting power! I don't care if I have washboard abs... I have 4 kids and I'm proud of my "Mommy body," but I've got to stay strong to be able to lift Becca for years to come. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zip! Bong!

Every day I'm reminded of how fast time flies! Today I read Sophia's blog and realized that little Ethan is not so little any more. I can remember like it was yesterday finding out what had happened to our precious angel Becca before she was even born. She was supposed to be safe and warm inside of me while she was growing... but, she wasn't. Right after she was born, we found out about a nasty virus that had damaged her, taken away some of our dreams, and left her in a body that didn't work right. Right after that, Sophia told us she was pregnant and I was scared to death! I didn't want to be the reason someone else's child had to be this way. Sophia, I cannot describe the strength you were to me because instead of staying the heck away from me, which is probably what you wanted to do at first, you educated yourself and then you kept on being such a good friend to me. You still held Becca and you still loved her and you kept on loving us. I don't know how hard that was for you, it probably wasn't because you have such a big heart, but it made ALL the difference to me! Thank you for not ditching me. Thank you for still loving Becca and holding her and snuggling her- even when she had to fit around your great big Ethan-belly. :D Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for accepting her and us for who we were and who we were becoming at that time.

I am truly grateful for you in my life! I found a bunch of pictures from that era in our lives and chose a few to share. :) I love you, Sophia!!

I have this picture tagged with your maiden name! :D
Our first pic of our new little friend. Remember how I begged you to call me, even if was in the middle of the night, when you went into labor? You did! I was so excited, I could barely get back to sleep!!
There is one happy kid!!
Here's Ethan at about a month old and Becca at about 9 months old. :D It's dated October 15, 2000
This one is dated January 14, 2001, which means that Becca had turned 1 the day before and Ethan was 4 months old!

Friday, September 12, 2008

One Hundred Things I Like (In absolutely no particular order)

1. Geoffrey
2. Rebecca Diana
3. Emily Danielle
4. Gracie Darla
5. Landon Geoffrey
6. Raspberry Lemonade
7. Walks through the cemetary
8. Babies!
9. Fixing other people's hair
10. Cheesecake
11. Dancing like nobody's watching
12. Sign Language
13. Hollyhocks
14. Puppies
15. Frank Sinatra
16. Doris Day
17. Colin Raye
18. SheDaisy
19. Church
20. Sewing for my kids
21. Writing
22. Hammon Family Reunions
23. Fresh cut grass
24. Chocolate Chip cookies
25. Vintage buttons
26. Board games
27. Email
28. Apple butter
29. Shoes without laces
30. Gardening
31. Fresh peaches
32. Fantasy/Romance novels
33. Pottery Barn Kids catalogs
34. Homegrown tomatoes
35. Parents magazine
36. Riding bikes
37. Typing really fast
38. My Mom
39. Going for walks
40. Painting my nails
41. Facebook
42. Reading Blogs
43. People magazine/website
44. Bleeding hearts (the flower)
45. Fruit pies
46. Sam's Club
47. Being an Aunt
48. Sitting around the camp fire
49. Old Navy
50. Peonies
51. Book stores
52. Relief Society
53. House hunting
54. Neighborhood sidewalks
55. Keeping in touch
56. Really long jeans
57. Brady Bunch re-runs
58. Lord of the Rings
59. Stephen's hot chocolate
60. Harry Potter books
61. Harry Potter movies
62. Brownies
63. Microwave popcorn
64. Beauty and the Beast
65. My new house
66. Backyard Basketball
67. The dollar store
68. Naps
69. Hanging out with extended family... ALL of them!!
70. Grandmas
71. Grandpas
72. Sisters in law
73. Brothers in law
74. Babies from above unions; i.e. Nieces and Nephews!!
75. D.I.
76. Brand new fabric
77. Serger thread
78. Yoga
79. Babies learning to walk
80. School
81. The Sims; Original and 2
82. Chicken and Stuffing casserole
83. Peanut butter and chocolate
84. Reading with my kids
85. Snuggling
86. Happy endings
87. Wet hair
88. Sour patch kids
89. Pajamas
90. Hugs
91. Blogging
92. iTunes
93. Machine Embroidery
94. Baby grins
95. Bean bags
96. Palm pilots
97. Baby kisses
98. Vanilla perfume
99. Curly hair
100. Freckles

You should try this! If you feel like being tagged, consider yourself tagged! ;)