Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the craziest things with.

If you'd asked me 11 years ago if I'd be doing half the stuff I do, I'd have called you crazy! My partner in these crimes? Becca, of course! I have done more out-of-the-ordinary things with this girl than I ever thought possible!!

I remember taking my teensy, sqeaky 3 month old baby girl to get her very first hearing aid. At one year old, she got glasses and a second hearing aid. This picture was taken at 2 years old. Not very long after this, we gave up on the second hearing aid as we could never find any hearing in that ear and she hated the aid in her bad ear, but left the better one alone. That's how we knew it was working well for her. :) And when they tried to move up to a stronger prescription on the glasses, she refused to wear them ever again!

Several times a week I would let complete strangers in my house to manhandle my daughter and do all kinds of therapies on her. Of course, they didn't stay strangers for long! This is Donata doing PT. She also got OT, Speech, Vision and Hearing visitors... from a few weeks old to 3 years old, every week. Becca learned to love therapy and also what to do to get them to stop. She was the BEST at playing possum with her first PT Curt. She would fake sleep until he stopped and then she would be all alert again. :) I love Early Intervention and I am so grateful for their persistence and patience and friendship.

I sent someone who couldn't do anything for herself away on a bus every day to preschool. I put a lot of trust in her bus drivers and teachers to take care of her the way I would and send her back to me tired, but happy. This was from her first day of preschool which happened on her 3rd birthday.

When Becca first started losing teeth, I freaked out! First of all, I didn't know where it had gone! And second of all, the first thing I assumed was that something was terribly wrong. My Mom reminded me that she was the right age to be losing teeth and it was the first milestone she hit right on time!! :D Loose teeth still freak me out.

We do all kinds of other "crazy" things on a daily basis. I feed her with a tube directly into her stomach 5 times a day at 8, 11, 2, 5 and 8. She actually had a tiny seizure today, but she hasn't had a really big one in nearly a year and a half. Seizures are horrible and I wouldn't wish them on my greatest enemy. I do tons and tons of comfort caring and really just everything the rest of us do for ourselves... I do for Becca.

So if I use the definition of crazy that includes the words bizarre and fantastic... I do bizarre things for a fantastic girl every day. And if that makes me crazy... I love being crazy!!

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Grandma Turtle said...

LOVE the early years pictures of Becca you posted. :) She's definitely a Keeper.