Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aunt Carolyn's Bed and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Hello from a basement in Taylorsville!

I have some great pictures to illustrate my comments today, but the cord that gets the pictures off the camera is unavailable at the mo. So, imagine a very decently sized basement apartment, squeeze 6 people into it, and you'll get a sufficient mental image for now. :D

We are so blessed to be living here with Aunt Carolyn. She treats us so well! We really do fit in here quite nicely. It will be nice to sleep in separate rooms one of these days, but I cannot come up with a better scenario for a place to live for 3 weeks after we had to be out of our old house and before we could be in our new!

Since we have been here, I have finished 3 pretty little dresses for my girls to wear to my Brother's wedding and 3 skirts for 3 women for the wedding. My girls have had tons of fun doing school things and learning from Aunt Carolyn, a teacher by profession and talent. We also had the unfortunate experience of visiting the Emergency Room with Geoff for which we still do not have any satisfactory resolution.

Becca loved sleeping with her sisters on the futon. On the night they decided to try different sleeping places, she cried until they came back to snuggle with her. :) They switched around every night and enjoyed the good dreams that come from being loving sisters.

Good times!