Friday, January 04, 2008

Holy Hecka Windy!

You know there's a storm coming here at our house in Tooele when the wind kicks up... kicks up cardboard, trampolines, small children...

There's an icy patch at the bottom of our driveway and when I went to help Becca off the bus, I nearly went ice skating involuntarily. It feels like you're one of those big metal braces that the football players use to practice against. I mean, it is really, really windy! Well, after I got Becca safely in the house, I went in search of the second garbage can. One of them was on its side by the bus, but the other one was nowhere nearby. Dutiful Geoff paid the bill last night and shredded it, so I had to call the city to get the numbers of our cans. He picked a great day to be on top of things! :D LOL Of course, ours was the furthest can held only by a curb and some dirty snow from continuing its trek out to Erda! As I started towards the "cul-de-sac," I use the term loosely because there are no houses down there, the wind was at my back. I finally started jogging since that's what the wind seemed to be trying to get me to do! Every few seconds I'd get that "Wheee!" feeling as it pushed me up and forward.

The walk back wasn't so fun. The thought of what a picture of me would look like out there makes me laugh! I was dragging the trash can with both hands behind me and I bent into the wind pushing with all my might. Just before I got to my own driveway the wind really decided to have some fun. I stopped in my tracks and closed my eyes and I distinctly felt my cheeks quiver backwards. You know those "America's Funniest Videos" you see with someone blowing an air compressor at their face? Yeah, it felt like that! Then suddenly my coat burst open and blew backwards as the wind rushing into it was too much for one zipper to hold. I was laughing as I turned and hiked up our impossibly steep driveway with the wind now trying to knock me over sideways. When I finally made it in the house, I felt lightheaded and extremely disheveled. The thought of the little icon I saw this morning in the weather section I checked before dressing my kids for the day makes me laugh now. It was a little tree with white streaks coming off of it to represent a tree blowing in the wind. If that had been a real tree and it had been in the middle of my street and I'd been in the tree wearing a big, baggy sweatshirt, I'm pretty sure I'd be in the middle of the Great Salt Lake by now!!