Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 5 - A picture of your night.

What an interestingly worded challenge. I could take a picture of the night sky. I could take a picture of my sleeping children, they would surely thank me for that in years to come. I could take a picture of what I do at night, which is to sit here at the computer or at the sewing machine. I could take a picture of myself sleeping, but that wouldn't be pretty and very, very hard to do! I could wait and take a picture of what I'm actually doing tonight, on this, the 5th day. I think I'll go with more of a combo/timeline/mish mash of everything I do at night. See anything similar at your houses at night? ;D

Disclaimer: These are all ipod pics since the camera I'm allowed to touch has a mysterious debilitating illness.

Kids playing Wii fit.

Gobs and gobs of minty freshness... literally. :)

Becca's nighttime feed and meds. I turned this pic a couple of times, I don't know why it is still sideways. It looks like it's going to pour out all over your keyboard. Watch out!! :D

What a cute bunch of pajama-ed kids those are!

Dishes. What? You thought I would take a picture of the dirty ones? Ewww! They look just like these only way slimier. :P

Mutt and Jeff our washer and dryer.

And this is what is waiting for me right over there! See ya! :D


Grandma Turtle said...

What a fun peek into your nighttime routines. Love the kids in their jammies, and Becca playing possum in her bed. :)

Colleen/Grandma/Mom said...

Nice little reality show--thanks for letting me tune in!

Emilee said...

I find it hilarious that you named your washer and dryer "Mutt & Jeff". Why isn't it spelled like "Geoff"? Is it so he can't take credit for doing the laundry when Jeff is really your helper?