Sunday, February 01, 2009


I was going through a tote the other day. It was one of those totes full of things I could never possibly part with, but things that are lying in a box nonetheless. Most of it was treasured gifts that my Grandma made for me growing up. Her fingers did the talking as she told me over and over how much she loved me by spending hours of her time making wonderful, beautiful things for me AND all of my cousins and siblings. I pulled out quite a few things to use in my home and display for my children to see. I'm very torn on this, you must understand, because I don't want my treasures ruined. I only picked things this time around that can be hung very far up on a wall! :D

One of the things I found was a perpetual calendar made out of plastic mesh. The funny thing was that the month it was on was arranged in the exact same way that January (when I went on this archaeological discovery) needed to be for this year. How cool is that?! Em is obsessed with calendars and so I chose this out knowing she will love looking at it and that I will always have a little reminding voice telling me it's time to change to the new month! :D

I also made that light switch cover (I know, you're shocked!) when I redecorated my room for a Laurel project!

I also found 2 things not made by that Grandma that I wanted to get out. One was made by my Mom and one was made by Grandma Joyce. Grandma Joyce was our neighbor when I was about one year old until I was about 3 or so. When we moved into a new house when I was 3, it wasn't very far away and we still got to go to her house to be babysat and for visits and things. Grandpa Chris, Grandma Joyce's husband, was a woodworker and Grandma Joyce was a crafter. They took their things to boutiques and things later on, but we were the lucky recipients of many of their creations. This, just happens to be an earring holder made out of plastic mesh. :) I have lately found myself frustrated at how long it takes me to find 2 earrings that are the same in the big box that they're in. I plan to put this to good use!

I know you're jealous of my photography skillz! Next time you need a picture taken of a jewelry hanging device, be sure to call me! :D

The other heart shaped item is a necklace hanger that my Mom made for me patterned after one she had. I can remember many different necklaces hanging on it over the years and having to balance them so the heart stayed on an even keel. :) There's a metaphor there, I'm sure! ;) The pins I found on both hearts are so fun, too! Big round pins from Youth Conference in the Show Low Stake. An Idaho potato from Ricks college. A couple of pins from my unfortunate Utah High School. Initial pins that I used to wear adorning my decidedly 80s outfits. :) My name tag from the day care. My K-Mart "Shop with a Cop" pin from Ricks. All memories.

I like to think of myself as an emotional pack rat. Not in a bad way, hopefully, but I just love to remember things. I love to look at pictures of friends and relatives from times in my life that happened so long ago! I love to look at mementos and homemade treasures and remember people and places and even allowances spent. :) I treasure the memories and emotions from my youth and as long as I'm not overrun with 'stuff,' I hope I can keep right on treasuring.