Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Never Knew I Needed You

This is not the computer my Dad had, but I do remember having some like these at school. "You turned it off without typing the proper command?! It's going to explode now!"

I remember living with very little technology. I remember my Dad having a gigantic computer in his office in the basement of our house in Rose Park. Not very many of my friend's Dads had computers yet. We weren't allowed to touch it until years later with the advent of 'Sticky Bears Math' and 'Typing Tutor.' (Side note: I took bits and pieces of that computer to college with me, if I'm not mistaken. A certain monitor that said "Casper" on it sat on several desks in several of my college dorm rooms.)

Look, Laura and Angela!! I actually found a screenshot from Sticky Bears! Bring back memories?! :D

I remember when we got our first microwave. It was HUGE! It had an orange button on the brown woodgrain handle in order to unlock and open the door. We had to buy a little turn table to rotate the food around inside and things still always had really hot spots and really cold spots.

This is just like the phone we had in the hallway in Rose Park, only it was yellow or tan.

I remember when all phones were hooked to the wall and had varying lengths of curly cords that kept the part you talked into and listened out of connected to the wall. I never remember once losing the phone. Never did I hear my Mom call out for someone to call the phone so that she could find it. It was always where it was supposed to be. I even remember having an old rotary phone in the first house we rented when we moved to Pinetop, AZ. My Dad's friend (and my friend's Dad) Doc Flake called and my Dad wasn't there. I told him he was at the Roundhouse Resort, where he worked. After hanging up with Doc, I thought I'd call my Dad and tell him Doc had called. 3-tick-tick-tick, 6-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick, 9 (oh geez! The LONGEST one!)-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick, 4-tick-tick-tick-tick, 8-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick, 4-tick-tick-tick-tick, 8-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick... busy signal. Oh, right, Doc Flake probably has a push button phone. When was the last time I heard a busy signal? That nice lady that answers everyone's voicemail for them, sure!.. but no more busy signals.

And so, welcome to my world new iPod touch. I didn't know I needed to update my Facebook upstairs before I went to bed until you came. I didn't know I needed Pandora to play me music in other rooms than the office. I didn't know I needed to watch Netflix movies away from home... Landon would probably tell you he knew that all along! And who knew I needed an app to make a game out of my neverending list of chores? You did, Epic Win and I welcome you! I'm sure you are not the last app that will find its way into my heart.

Now, has anyone seen my phone?