Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Your Child

This is a beautiful song that speaks right to my heart. I love the symbolism she uses of placing the beautiful, colorful pictures of families and special children over the top of hard words like pain, discouragment and diagnoses. Those are all still there, underneath. But their radiant spirits change those words into words full of light... love, beauty and hope. 

My Hubby did the 12 Days of Christmas for Lil' Ol' Me

If you aren't already my Facebook friend and didn't get to follow along, this is Geoff's post so you can see all the fun pictures of things.

He did such a great job and it was SO fun to open each one each day. I still don't know where he hid them or when or how he put them up on their special spot on the corner of the mantle each morning. The kids made sure I opened each one before they left for the day. It was a family affair, really.

The van appraisal almost made me cry! It would be a dream come true to have a van that was easier to get Becca in and out of. I am so glad we are finally on the same page about this. We still have some giant steps to take, but this is the first one and it's in the direction that it needs to be.

The coolest part about it is that they were all just for me. In fact, most of them were things he doesn't even like. I don't buy them for me either because I'm the only one that would eat them... it seems more prudent to buy things everyone likes. Do you know the last time I put mushrooms in anything? *sigh* Everyone tried the baby corn and nobody likes that either. I might have weird taste in food, but now it means I get it all to myself!

The snowballs were embarrassing! I made him blur them out on Facebook, but obviously he didn't here. He thought himself pretty funny. And it was. But it was also embarrassing!

The jewelry holder is incredible! I have been moving earrings over as I wear them to make sure only the ones I actually wear make it over there. :) As a matter of history, my jewelry is moving over from a wooden heart necklace holder my Mom made for me when I was young and a plastic mesh earring holder that Grandma Joyce (a childhood neighbor) made for me.

Sentimental much?