Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things that have changed since Ethan arrived:

I realize that my previous post gives me every reason in the world not to be blogging, but at the same time, I should be documenting all the cool stuff so someday my Mama mush brains can look back and remember. :D Let's call this entry... "Things that have changed since Ethan arrived:"

1) We can fit our whole family in the van, but ONLY our whole family. The only people not in car seats are Geoff and I! Yep, that's 5 car seats! Emily graduates out of her booster when she turns 8 this May, but everyone else is either under the age limit or doesn't have enough stability in her muscles to keep herself safe with just a seatbelt.

2) Sleep is apparently somewhat optional. To be fair, he sleeps really, really well these days, but in the beginning, I truly forgot what it felt like to be rested. That wonderful thing that makes you forget labor in order for you to want more kids later, also helps you forget the extreme fatigue that comes from feeding someone whose stomach is the size of a walnut! :D I really can't complain too much, though because we just barely passed the 3 month mark and he has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now. :D

3) Kids as young as 5 can carry babies around. :D Emily pretty much always helps me if I ask and I trust her to carry him around quite a bit. Gracie on the other hand doesn't always wait to be asked, but LOVES to carry her baby brother around! I decided from the beginning that it would probably do more harm to freak out at her and yell and scream when she's only trying to help, so I try to keep my voice calm and level and she really does quite well. I do say to her, though, "If you feel like he's falling- sit down quick! " :D

4) We now have 3 different sizes of diapers in our house. When Becca started the diet, her liquid intake apparently increased because her liquid output definitley increased! A little TMI maybe, but we have been resisiting going up a size in diapers for some time now because once you get out of the sizes they sell at the store, you really have to rely on that home health to be on time. And if you've ever had home health deliver you anything, you know you have to really stay on top of things or you run out!! And not only that, but Ethan grows into a new diaper size roughly every couple of weeks it seems like! :D We literally fill up a tall kitchen garbage sack with just diapers every few days. I really hope Landon takes to potty training this summer... for my sake! :D

4) Our washing machine runs every day. I thought I was doing a lot of laundry before Ethan was born, but it is amazing how someone so tiny can get so many things dirty in a day! :D I ran out of OxyClean which is my stain remover of choice and I thought the world was going to end! Not on my favorite outfit of his! Someone! Anyone! My kingdom for some OxyClean! :D

5) Baths take a lot longer! Not only is there one more person's surface area to keep clean, but he is so cute and smiley that everyone in the house wants to watch him get a bath which makes him much harder to reach while scrubbing. :D I love me a good, clean baby, though! Boy, do they smell GOOD! :D

6) My ears are much more sensitive or something because every sound made when he finally falls asleep sounds like a sonic boom to me! I'm grateful for school and the fact that he got a lot of noise in the womb because he seems to do okay most of the time... but ask me on a day when he was woken up by fighting siblings and I'll tell you what's what!! :D

7) Our house is nearing nuclear explosion messiness. Now, I know Ethan is not MAKING the mess, but he sure makes it a ton harder to clean up! I mean, seriously! Hold a baby or clean up a mess? Is there really a choice there? :D We're getting there as the rest of the kids start taking on more responsibility. They actually do a really great job with good motivation and some really great cleaning tunes. Our favorite CD is the Shrek soundtrack. :D

8) It's a good thing digital technology replaced film cameras or we'd be running to get film developed every day! We have taken a lot of pictures of the new little guy and especially the new little guy with is very proud siblings. I can't get enough of he and Becca especially. I love to put him in the crook of her arm with her arm under his armpit. She will just roll to him and snuggle him all up and he is happy because she is warm. Sometimes she drools on his head, but we do plenty of #5 and honestly, what's a little drool between friends? :)

9) The weather seems exponentially colder with a baby around. It's one thing to bundle myself up, but I really have to stop myself from bundling him up TOO much. Sometimes I get where I'm going and pull him out and he's all sweaty from too many clothes on and too many blankets on top! :D

10) My heart has just expanded and stretched so effortlessly to include our new little man. I love being a Mom second only to being Geoff's wife. I want no other job and no other calling in life as much. We have so much fun together and we love each other so much and I wouldn't trade this for anything. I feel so incredibly complete and full and like everyone who needed to make it here, made it here safely. :) If I had tried to plan it all out, I couldn't have planned such a perfect placement for every child that joined our family. It's juuUUuust right! ;)