Monday, July 29, 2013

The Blog I Just Found

After I check my farm on Hay Day (a fun farming app game) and my Facebook and I still want to look busy or I'm just not ready to get up and do anything else, I surf Pinterest. I know! I know! Don't judge! You probably do it too!

Earlier today when I did this very thing, I was searching g-tube pads because I'm going to make some for my little hero Elsie and if someone had an awesome tutorial up, I wanted to take advantage. It was still open to that when I opened up my "time waster" a.k.a. iPad and so I started searching other special needs-type stuff. Last time I did this, there wasn't much. Not so this time! I found a lot of fun stuff! I should totally make pin-able tutorials and stuff... in all my spare time. :D

After I searched a couple of things, I deleted the more specific words and just searched "wheelchair." This fantastic blog came up that, without meaning to or trying to, totally made my stinkin' day! She's a Mom and she's in a wheelchair. I love her sense of humor and I love that it's just a thing. She gets that it's fascinating to the rest of us, but to her, it's just her life. The life she is living just like the ones we are all living. I don't know exactly what it was that made me stay there for over an hour. I really believe if I just ran into her at the park with our kids or at a store or something that we could totally have a cool conversation and maybe even be friends. I also loved the glimpse into her side of the story. Becca doesn't give me a lot to go on. I liked reading about how she feels about being in a wheelchair and that she's totally cool with it. Hopefully Becca's totally cool with it, too.