Friday, August 29, 2008

Organized Chaos

I'm terrible at keeping this thing updated! I think of several blog posts I want to write every day, but finding the time is harder than it looks! :D Of course, my kids are fed, clothed and happy and that really is more important. ;)

We just started school again this year and so starts the battle of the bus. Probably for the next 13 years, as long as Becca is in school, we will have to battle with the bus. School starts for everyone the same; 9:00 am. Becca rides the bus in her chair and I can't leave the house until the bus gets here, but Emily needs to be at our neighborhood school by 9, too. I would LOVE to walk Emily to school (it is SO much cooler in the morning!), but generally the bus doesn't get here in time. I usually have to back the van out and park it around the corner so we can run to it as soon as Becca is on the bus. I've asked nicely and I'm sure she tries to get here a little earlier, but oh well. A morning or two, Geoff has stayed long enough to put Becca on so I could leave early enough to walk with the other three. But then he's home that much later. *shrug* We do the best we can! We always walk in the afternoon and come home dripping in sweat with headaches and everything else that goes along with getting overheated! At least I'm getting exercise!

Geoff sent me an article the other day that said that a study proved that it is better to be fat and healthy than thin and unhealthy. Geoff rides his bike to and from work every day and is losing inches even if muscle pounds are replacing fat pounds and he is in much better shape than I am. I get winded way faster than someone my size should. See? I've been telling you guys all along that being skinny is not all it's cracked up to be! ;) My endurance is way less than it could be. I have strong arms from lifting my heavy kids, but I get worn out walking or biking for too long. I'll get there!

I think my strongest gene influence must come from my Hammon family line. My Great-Grandpa Hammon was a farmer and a very hard worker and tall and lean. It came through him, his son and my Mom. I have that Hammon tenacity, too. :D I don't give up until the job is done right. I think that's why Heavenly Father sent me Becca. :D He knew I wouldn't give up! As my kids were running in and out this morning watching for the bus and getting ready for school, I got frazzled. I felt like there were so many of them and only one me! This happens a lot, I'll be honest. But, I just took a step back and located each one and gave them a charge that would keep them safe and where I knew where they were and took small bites until it was all managed. Survival some minutes, true enjoyment most minutes... that's sums me up mostly. :D

Well, there you go! A nice, random post to catch me up a little. :D I really do love reading the blogs of family and friends and I hope you enjoy mine once in a while. :D