Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Winnah! Winnah! Winnah!

Okay, WHAT?! I won something? For reals? I really never do. And although everyone says "I never win anything," I'm the only one who can truly say that. I mean, the last thing I probably won was a game of Chutes and Ladders with my kids in which I tried to win by the tiniest margin possible. :D So, it's no surprise that...

This apron makes me feel like a million bucks!!

It wasn't actually my first choice (she's become so awesome, they're flying off the shelves! :D) but THIS is the one that was meant to be mine. It has my nickname on it and it is even more fabulous due to the out-of-the-comfort-zone-ness that it represents. I super love it! I wore it all day on Sunday like it was part of my outfit. :D I'm wearing it to the Ward Christmas party while I go find something to stir to feed my friends on Saturday morning. I'm wearing it to the next family party whether there's something to stir or not! I'm the new...

Glamazon Mom!

I love it because I won it and it makes me feel lucky! I love it because it's aqua and has dots! I love it because it has the most wonderful shape and makes me feel perdy! I love it because I never ever get to sew for myself and someone made it just for me! It's like tying on a burst of self esteem!

And that, my Friends, is a very welcome feeling to me! ;)