Monday, April 21, 2008

Lock your car doors!

A slight spring breeze blew the smell of freshly overturned soil ahead of her as she dustily stepped in out of the sun. Earth clung to her clothes, her hair, her skin. She brushed her hands together and placed them on her hips. There she stood, triumphant. The task had not proved too big for her muscles, thin but strong. She wiped a dirty hand across her brow and collapsed onto the couch... a champion!

Today I ripped out a bunch of spent plants in my new front flower bed. There were some big gray, dead bushes right in the middle and lots of scruff everywhere, if you know what I mean. First, I went through with a little rake and attempted to get some of the leaves and dead stuff out from in between things. There was a bunch of sage growing in there and it had of course spread all over as sage does. As I'm raking, it started to smell really good! They say that smell is the strongest sense tied to memories and as I'm raking, I have this memory and I had to pick up the phone and call my Dad at work! I was smelling him making Thanksgiving Dinner Stuffing! It's no secret that his stuffing is my absolute favorite dish at Thanksgiving and I can still remember HIS Dad making it the same way... sprinkle in the sage, stir, taste... sprinkle some more sage, stir, taste... sprinkle in some more sage... :D I pulled most of it out of the front garden because there is a bunch more in a little herb garden in the back. I wonder how you would use it to make Thanksgiving Stuffing? I'll have to study up on it before November. Wouldn't that be fun? Homegrown sage. Thanks for the memories, Dad! ;D

My Mom came out to visit me today and bought me a bunch of really awesome plants for my birthday! I am jump up and down and up and down excited!!!! :D The one I'm most looking forward to are the Raspberries!! Oh, cross your fingers that they live and grow and grow and grow!! And there are SO many pretty flowers!! So far, I only planted a long row of Hollyhock seeds right up against the house right in the center between the windows! I LOVE Hollyhocks! They're tall and they've been around since the pioneers and I'm sure before! I had to stop because Landon woke up, but after dinner, I'm going right back out there and get everything else in the ground!! I've already got daffodils and tulips coming up and starting to bloom and I'm pretty sure I discovered some daisies, too that all came with the house! :D

Another thing I'm super excited about is my soon-to-be vegetable garden! My neighbor from across the street came over today and as I was talking to him and he was telling me what they've done in their yard, he reminded me about raised bed gardening! I had forgotten all about that! That's what I was going to do in our last house. It's better on the Becca-lifting-back and the grass doesn't creep in and less balls are kicked into them! I can hardlee wait! I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to plant AND I now have birthday seeds for! There's already a corner on the opposite side of the yard that I want to put vine veggies in... pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers and summer squash! Aren't you excited to be my best friend! ;D LOL Have you ever heard the old LDS addage that warns you to lock your car doors at Church during zucchini season? Otherwise, you may end up with a bunch of stowaway bags of the prolific vegetable!

When I used to look forward to a yard to work in, I hoped it would be like this. Look at me go!!


The Farmer's Wife said...

YAY! Congradulations! Doesn't it feel good to dig in the dirt! It's therapy, I tell ya.....therapy.

Sophie said...

Sounds awesome! It's good to be able to keep up with you now. Stop by our blog too, when you get a chance:)