Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Green Thumb

I'm determined to have a green thumb if I have to break out the spray paint! I have been looking forward to a great yard to work in so much that I have convinced myself that I am a good gardener. Now, given my own pedigree mixed with my horticulturally gifted hubby's pedigree, I should be good to go! I have been out in the yard working on it every day, except Sunday starting last Saturday. So, if you mix a bunch of really great gardeners as relatives and a whole bunch of really hard work, this is what could happen!

Saturday, the doom of the Spiky Bush!

BEFORE we took out the dreaded Spiky Bush, this is what lurked around the corner of the house. The driveway behind Emily is the second driveway on the side of the house that has a basketball hoop on it. This bush is the kind of bush you'd plant in front of your house if you didn't want people to visit you. It's spiky and dry and undesirable... at least to me. The tools we had to work with were basically: a shovel, a pick ax, a garden rake and a leaf rake... oh, and all the muscle we could muster! We didn't even have a hose to moisten the soil! After much toil and strife, we prevailed!

We found 3 basketballs, a golf ball, an unidentifiable dirt encrusted bouncy ball, 2 sprinkler keys (the huge metal T-shaped tools you use to reach down into holes to turn sprinklers on and off with) and some other random pieces of metal. We also accidentally chopped through the wiring for the sprinkler "brain" that is on the wall inside the garage. Ooops! There were also an innumerable amount of pine cones as that huge stump you can see was obviously a pine tree in its earlier life. It's awfully close to the house for as big as it must have been! There are 2 other bushes just like this that will soon come out of different places in the yard.

The wood of this bush was especially unique. When we chopped into the roots, we discovered that it had a bright yellow... and I mean neon yellow... core. It was like nothing I've ever seen in nature besides maybe the color of tropical flowers or something. I mean it was really, really yellow! I'm glad to have it gone and I'm glad to find something pretty and/or edible to put in its place! Slowly, but surely, I'm turning from being all thumbs to having green ones!

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