Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

7 April 2008

7-ish am - Get up and feed, clothe and hug all of my family members.
8:45 am - Drive Emily to School. Go back home to finish getting Becca ready.
10:00 am - Take Becca to school to deliver the rest of the packet of papers to get her started and give her teacher some idea of how to deal with Becca. :)
11:00 - At home in the driveway with barely a half an hour before it's time to get Emily... not enough to grocery shop or get my Driver's License renewed... pack up some of Becca stuff I forgot to bring (diapers, pediasure, etc.) and we are the first ones in the Kindergarten queue.
11:30 - Pick up Emily and drive straight to the grocery store. We bough Lunchables to eat for lunch and got what we could remember from the list because it got lost somewhere. (I found it later in the pocket of a different pair of pants from a day I thought I had enough time to go) We ate our Lunchables, after some hand sanitizer, in the van.
12:30 - Drop off Becca's diapers and Pediasure and find out that she ate a great lunch! Blended chicken and veggies and mashed potatoes! She ate really, really well for them and was playing a game in a bean bag with the little boy next to her in another bean bag on the computer. She looked like she was really having fun!
1:00 - Filled out the application for a new license, got my number (#273) and sat in a semi-crowded waiting room with Landon in the stroller and Emily and Gracie on chairs next to me. They were actually really well behaved and bided their time, saving their big fight to come at the exact moment when they took my new picture.
2:15 - We got done at the DMV and high tailed it to Becca's school to pick her up. Mondays are early days and Becca gets out at 2:30.
2:40 - Chilled inside my house for the first time all day!! I took an on and off nap while the girls watched a movie.

Later, we went to the 50 cent movies and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was very cute. :) Matt and Denise drove all the way out to our house to share some ice cream with us and we all tumbled into our beds very happy campers! Thank you for all of the phone calls, voice mails and emails! I really do feel very loved. :D

So, this is 31? I can live with this! ;)


mom2jtm said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I was a day late, but sounds like it was a good one anyway.

The Crider Clan said...

Hi Diana! Thanks for the link to your blog. I love how positive you are. It helps me remember to be positive too!:) I can't remember if I sent you the link to our blog, but I love this whole thing...it's so great to keep in touch with people you care about! By the way, how long has it been since we saw eachother last? Probably 15 years or so? That just goes to show that long distance friendships can work...and bring you happiness! Good Luck in your new home/ward/schools! Our blog is: www.criderclan.blogspot.com. Can I add you as a link to mine?

Take care!