Saturday, April 05, 2008

American Forkers

Tuesday 25 March 2008

The first night in our new house

We can't find the screws and bolts to any of the beds, so all of the kids are on mattresses on the floor. Geoff and I's bed frame doesn't require bolts, so we slept higher than the rest. We started out the day with 3 very full portable storage units from Pack Rats (1-800-PACKRAT) and ended the day with 3 very empty storage units! My sister and my Mom came and helped during the day and our men all came that night and we got all 3 emptied out! One of them was due back in a couple of days, so my hopes in the morning were to get that one emptied... the other 2 didn't need to be back for a couple of weeks. Near the end, more things got sat in the garage than the house, but they're all empty! Wahoo!!

Some of the negatives that were discovered today:
The fridge doesn't fit in the place it should go. It is literally a couple of millimeters too wide!
There is no cold water in the kitchen because it is hooked to the "water in the door" feature of the fridge.
My vacuum picked up way more dust than I thought it would for vacuuming carpets that had been cleaned the day before.
They didn't wipe out any drawers or cupboards.

Good things that far outweigh the bad:
Aunt Carolyn came, steamer in hand, and helped me power clean and sanitize nearly every surface in sight!
I found sheets, pillowcases and pajamas for everyone before bedtime!
The kids have been playing outside in the very nice weather and have stayed out from under our feet.
Nobody got hurt while unloading. (Though there was an unfortunate "almost injury" involving the water softener and the fridge.) I cannot account for the certain soreness we are all experiencing as a result of unloading, however!
Geoff opted to pay the $5 fee and snipped off the plastic zip tie on the gas line so we could heat the house tonight.
We are all together, we are safe and warm and oh so happy!

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