Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Front Flower Garden Re-visited

In case there is anyone out there interested and for my own historical reference, this is a breakdown of everything in the front flower garden. Starting at the far left, we have some decorative stepping stones to catch the drips and steps that fall into that area. The cement one with the tulip was here when we moved in, but it was covered with lots of debris and leaves. The other one was a gift and it carries my personal mascot- ladybugs!

Around the barrel isn't all the way cleaned out. I left a token tuft of sage in the front to remind myself of the hard work I accomplished and also of Thanksgiving Dinner! :D lol Inside the barrel is a Dianthus wearing a moss rose necklace. :) Moving along, there are some tulips that came with the house with another ladybug adorned rock from my aunt in front of it. Around the window well are planted some "gladi-lolas" as Gracie calls them, which of course you can't see just yet. There are one of my fun favorites- snapdragons- in front of the window well.

In the middle of the windows are of course a row of hollyhocks that are not up yet and then pansies and marigolds that are! I'm not sure what the next plant is. It was hiding under the edge of one of the gray bushes and had dead sticks of some other plant or possibly spent blooms from itself sticking up out of it. I clipped off the dead part and we'll see what it is and if it has blooms. There are also some green patches that I think might be daisies around in this area.

The far window well also has gladi-lolas all the way around it and cosmos in front of it. Cosmos are our "Shell Station" flowers from Arizona. ;) I got the one that had the most different colors of flowers in it all together! :) The far end of the garden, I didn't change very much. It has tulips and daffodils and of course some lovely grape hyacinths that were all there already. I'm in the school that decides to call grape hyacinth 'flowers' since they're so hard to get rid of! :D lol I also sprinkled in some more glads in between the other bulbs... the more stuff that comes back on it's own, the better!! :D


Melissa M. said...

Hi Diana! Nice blog. I love your flowers, you must have put tons of hours into that! I am excited for your garden.
Happy Birthday to you too.

Sophie said...

Hey it's looking great! Gardening is so therapeutic, don't you think?

. said...

Nice! Doesn't spring make you feel happy and ready to grow things? I love it!

I also love your bubbles background. Where did you get it? (or did your computer-fancy-pants-hubby make it for you?)

Diana said...

Well, actually yes, Mr. Fancy Pants himself did do it. He looked at some others and then wrote some html to make mine. He also has a favorite site that has color schemes that go together for reference. :) I told him he should make them available for people to download. I'll let him know you think so, too! ;)