Saturday, May 31, 2008

Contest Winner!!

Oh, Man! It's Saturday and I didn't announce the joke winner! Snap! I have had a very "Bad Mommy" week. I missed kids' programs and picked them up late from school... the last week of school really threw me for a loopety loopety loop!

I laughed heartily at all of the jokes! It was very hard to choose, as "funny" is such an objective quality that you all possess in droves! In the end, I know I'll do stuff like this again and I love you all and I know that you love me!

Okay.... Drumroll, please!! Our very distinguished panel of judges, consisting mostly of this most magnanimous blog owner :D laughed the very hardest at the Crider Clan joke about the ice cream and scrambled eggs with honorable mention going to my Mom because she made the winning joke even funnier! :D I love you, Mom! And I tell you every day so you'll never forget! ;)

Thanks everyone for playing!! Oh, by the way, the winner receives a matching pair of pillowcases with their names embroidered on them. Congratulations, Melissa!!


Burt Family said...

I laughed pretty hard at that joke also...picturing my parents having moments like that someday. I will have to try harder next time...I would LOVE some momogrammed pillowcases.
P.S. Did you ever track down the levi quilt you put together for us? That just came to mind the other day.
Have a great Sunday! Love you

The Crider Clan said...

Thanks again for doing the joke contest! It was fun reading all the jokes, and it was fun winning!!! My dad has his own jokebook that he has compiled of jokes he has heard over the years and ones he has made up, so I guess funny just runs in the family! I told that joke to my somewhat senile grandma and grandpa, and they both cracked it must be funny! Thanks Diana!

Love ya,

Camille said...

I am mad I didn't see the joke contest post in time to participate! There is a girl in my ward that used to live in Logan- she has a little boy that is 2 & has the same issues as your Becca- caused from the same virus during pregnancy- anyhow- we got to talking & she said she was supposed to meet you before they moved, but didn't get the chance. Can I get your email to give it to her? My email is

The Crider Clan said...

Where are you! I hope you are okay!