Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm so Proud of my Hubby!

When we first got married, our bodies settled as much as our minds did. My weight has fluctuated with babies, but it goes right back to the same weight not too long after. I can't help it, I don't do anything different, it's just the genes I have in me, I guess. Geoff, however, has struggled with it and has to fight a lot harder than I do. I have changed my cooking to involve a lot more applesauce instead of oil and 98% fat free soups and things like that and that leveled him off, but then we hit one of those ever-present plateaus. And so now today he has added more movement into his life by riding his bike to work. I could not be more proud! If T-shirts had buttons, mine would be bursting! It is not the easy thing to do. The easy thing to do is to continue cajoling Mr. 1993 to start every morning and drive up over the overpass to work. I mean, it takes SO much less gas than it did when Mr. 1993 was put-putting from Tooele to here. But imagine taking NO GAS! Imagine! I think there are FAR more people that could walk or ride bikes to work that don't because it is not the easy thing to do. And we all know to effect change, we cannot just do the easy thing. We have to bend, we have to stretch, we have to do it even if it's hard.

Our weight loss heroes are Josh and Ingrid. They get up early (sometimes not even sleeping after a night shift) or get away in the middle of the day and they work out at some point every day. Talk about the opposite of easy! But they look good! They feel good! They ROCK! Just because my body doesn't hold onto weight like some others' do, doesn't mean I don't appreciate the value of hard work and I think it's especially hard when it's to lose weight. You can't turn your back on it for a moment, or it comes sneaking back in. As one who has lost more than one person so dear to me due to weight issues, I am SO PROUD of these people and what they're doing to lengthen their lives and improve their confidence and to be healthy! I may be the world's tallest cheerleader, but I'm here... waving my pom poms... You can do it, Geoff!! Way to go, Josh!! You go, Girl, Ingrid!!

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