Friday, May 16, 2008

House Warming

Our house was so warm today, we actually did something we've never been able to do before... we turned on the central air! You know those first few days when Spring is thinking about turning into Summer and it's sunny, but cool. The first time your chapstick melts in the car because the windows did that "greenhouse effect" thing and trapped a bunch of heat in there even though the breeze is still cool outside.

Emily said to me, "Mom, isn't the air coming out of the vents supposed to be warm? In our other house, it was always warm." :D It was a very different experience, but I kind of liked it. I'll probably do it again. ;)

I am just so loving this whole yard business! I cannot get enough of just walking around and looking at (and talking to) the things planted in my yard. I am so stinkin' proud of my raspberries, I cannot even tell you! Watch, now a frost will take them all. It is just so amazing to me that you plant this little dry seed, or in the raspberry's case, a dry-looking stick, and with enough care and water and sun, a whole plant will come out of it. Do you remember the movie Ferngully? Yeah, it's like that. "Help it grow," that's what I do. Now if we could just fix our sprinkler timer so I had a little help in the growing business. The sunlight is so covered! It really is warmer down south. I think I made it to at least June last year before I begged for cooler air... no, wait, I was WAY preggo with Landon, I'm sure I begged for it MUCH sooner!

I refuse to believe he is going to have his first birthday in only a couple of months. Today he taught himself to climb. He just started cruising along furniture, but if I leave him downstairs with the girls while I throw a load of dishes in or something, he would occasionally cruise the bottom step back and forth trying to figure out how to get up. Today we ate lunch on our new little IKEA picnic table outside on the grass and after everyone was done and I was on the deck hanging out more laundry, he figured out how to climb up and sit on the bench. I asked Emily if she had done it, but I could tell by the way one of his legs hadn't made it all the way up on, that he had done it himself. :D After that, he got up onto the bottom stair downstairs. I am so in for it!! :D In an absolutely good way. ;)

I love Springtime!

A few of Geoff's work pals came over tonight to see our new house. I'm actually getting to know some of them pretty well. They are so nice! Geoff loves his job and a big part of that is the people he gets to work with. We talked babies a lot tonight as one was expecting and one is expecting to be expecting soon. :D They're both newlyweds and I just so totally remember being there. I don't know where the time goes. That's why I don't want Landon to grow up so fast and I want to watch my plants grow slowly and relish it.

Life goes so quickly!


Sophie said...

Derek is in the attic as we speak, ducting for a swamp cooler. We have air conditioning, but, it cost's $200-$300 a month to run it, so, we go for swamp out here. I can't wait! It is getting really hot here!

Grandma Turtle said...

As much as you SAY you don't want Landon to grow up...... he is rather heavy for you to be packing around much longer! Besides, Gracie can keep him occupied when you're not looking, and teach him all kinds of fun things!

Diana said...

Ooooo, don't I know it? I don't even want to look at the energy bills this summer. We're trying very hard to be smart and not have the temperature so low that it's on all the time.

It's true about Landon! It would be easier on the arms to use them to say "Come on! This way!" instead of hulking him around everywhere! :D