Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tagged by Paula

Rules: Put your answers in 'google image', pick from first three pages

First name: Diana

Middle Name: Darlene
Maiden Name:
Robert E. Lee
Last Name: Sagers
That's my baby Becca! She came up on the first page because this picture is on the Early Intervention site. My father-in-law also came up on the first page. ;)

Bad Habit: Messy House
What are you doing right now?: Getting ready to go to a movie
Grandmother's Name: Ethel
Past Pet: Sadie the black Cocker Spaniel

My first job: Fry jockey
Where I grew up: White Mountains, AZ
One of my favorite places: Sheep's Crossing, AZ
If I went back to school, I would: become an Intervener for Deafblind kids
Isn't this a beautiful picture? I got it from:

Place I would love to visit: Ireland
My favorite color: Neopolitan
Favorite Food: Cheesecake!
That was way fun! I'm tagging: Geoff, Mom, Angela, Kelly, Darrin, Melissa M., Aunt Colleen, Danica, Heidi, Christina, Melissa C., Nancy, Sophia, Kathryn, Jenny, Lisa and Cammie.


Burt Family said...

Yeah Diana! You are the first person to do the tag for me. I thought it was pretty fun also and when Chad read it he learned something about me he didn't know. Who would have thought after 13 years that was possible :)
Have fun at the movies!

Melissa M. said...

I enjoyed your pictures. I have done this before on my blog, so don't think I'm ignoring your tag.

Diana said...

Apparently, the rest of the tagged have all fallen asleep! :) Maybe I'll have to go back and try to find yours, Melissa! :D This is one of my most favorite blogs so far. :) I want to do one for each of my kids on their blog

DaRRiN said...

What's a tag?

Diana said...

A tag means I tag you by name in my blog and then when you read it and see your name then you go do it on your blog. :D This one is way fun! Use Google Images and type in the name or the word and use an image off of the first 3 pages that pop up. We had fun letting the kids choose their own pictures on theirs. Then, if you want, you can tag other people at the bottom of your blog. Tag, you're it! :D