Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey, hey, Boo Boo!

I have an 8 year old daughter with disabilities, I'm always on the lookout for things that are going to help me be able to do everything I need to do for her. I've recently discovered a way to protect my back and keep it strong and healthy for all of the lifting I do day in and day out. Let's be honest, though, it's not just Becca, Mr. "Just because I CAN walk, doesn't mean I do it ALL the time!" plays a hefty part, too! Pun most definitely intended! ;)

I do Yoga!

And I love it! I have a pregnancy yoga video that I used to use, but I'd really only pull it out towards the end when I was way uncomfortable and trying to find a way to help sore muscles. A while ago, we were at Ross... yes, the dress for less one, and saw a yoga video for a few dollars. I LOVE IT! I always feel so good afterwards. It's very relaxing and slow, yet I end up pleasantly sore the next day because I really did get a workout. I am enjoying it more as I go and I can do the poses by listening to her instructions rather than having to try and look at the screen. My girls love to do it with me! Don't expect any video, though! I think I look pretty silly and we have a no poparazzi zone during yoga time! :D

I've talked to other Mom's with kids with disabilities and a lot of them have used and liked yoga, too. The whole point is that if you strengthen your core muscles... abs, etc.... then your back has the support it needs and all of the muscles work together to give you more lifting power! I don't care if I have washboard abs... I have 4 kids and I'm proud of my "Mommy body," but I've got to stay strong to be able to lift Becca for years to come. :)


Grandma Turtle said...

Way to take good care of yourself. :) I'm glad you found something that you enjoy doing.

Sophie said...

I love yoga too! I started on and off when we are at Aggie Village, and now it is a staple in my exercise routine for the week. I can't live well without it!

The Crider Clan said...

Good for you Diana! I'll have to try that, cuz just being a mom I am always lifting my "not-so-light-weight" kids. I just have to love on them, even when they are heavy! Thanks for the tip!

CamilleJohnFam said...

I'm glad you found something you love doing! That makes exercising much easier when you like it and it makes you so much healthier. Hey, did you get the golden e-mail from Lucie with the news?

Jessica said...

sweet! i love yoga and pilates!