Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zip! Bong!

Every day I'm reminded of how fast time flies! Today I read Sophia's blog and realized that little Ethan is not so little any more. I can remember like it was yesterday finding out what had happened to our precious angel Becca before she was even born. She was supposed to be safe and warm inside of me while she was growing... but, she wasn't. Right after she was born, we found out about a nasty virus that had damaged her, taken away some of our dreams, and left her in a body that didn't work right. Right after that, Sophia told us she was pregnant and I was scared to death! I didn't want to be the reason someone else's child had to be this way. Sophia, I cannot describe the strength you were to me because instead of staying the heck away from me, which is probably what you wanted to do at first, you educated yourself and then you kept on being such a good friend to me. You still held Becca and you still loved her and you kept on loving us. I don't know how hard that was for you, it probably wasn't because you have such a big heart, but it made ALL the difference to me! Thank you for not ditching me. Thank you for still loving Becca and holding her and snuggling her- even when she had to fit around your great big Ethan-belly. :D Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for accepting her and us for who we were and who we were becoming at that time.

I am truly grateful for you in my life! I found a bunch of pictures from that era in our lives and chose a few to share. :) I love you, Sophia!!

I have this picture tagged with your maiden name! :D
Our first pic of our new little friend. Remember how I begged you to call me, even if was in the middle of the night, when you went into labor? You did! I was so excited, I could barely get back to sleep!!
There is one happy kid!!
Here's Ethan at about a month old and Becca at about 9 months old. :D It's dated October 15, 2000
This one is dated January 14, 2001, which means that Becca had turned 1 the day before and Ethan was 4 months old!


Grandma Turtle said...

Fun to see our little baby Becca. :) Those tiny little glasses were so cute on her!

Sophie said...

Thanks Diana! I never knew you felt that way. I never felt like I did enough for you guys, so, thanks for the tribute! You guys are awesome! I'm glad we are connecting again! Ethan said that I looked really young in that picture! I thought that was funny.
Take care!