Thursday, June 30, 2011

National Ability Center

I'm not going to try to resist the temptation to just post the link to Geoff's blog and call it a day. :D He did a great job telling about our adventures at the National Ability Center. Plus, he has all the great pictures up over there, too. :) I took most of them to be honest. Even when Becca is participating, I can't help being the standby support person, I guess. Old habits die hard! :D

It was incredibly awesome to do something that centered around Becca instead of circling around her, if you know what I mean. She got to try everything first and her siblings loved hanging out with her and trying things that she thought were fun. :D Plus, it is always so much fun to hang out with our Deafblind friends! :)

The thing that surprised me the most? How much she loved swinging 30 feet in the air! That was the activity that got the biggest smiles! And she even went to the effort of holding her head up and looking around. She really, really loved it! It did my mother's heart so much good to see her having so much fun!

I love my family!!


Burt Family said...

Looks like everyone had a great day! You're an AWESOME mom!

aprilhoyt said...

That looked like so much fun!!
I love that they call it the ability center!

Christine Merrill said...

That's really awesome! I'm so glad Becca got to do something just for her. Hooray for a really wonderful day!