Sunday, April 24, 2011

I finally got asked to Prom!

Theme: I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

I had my hair done at Stacey and Shannon's Chic Salon. Don't bother trying to get an appointment, they only work with the most exclusive, discerning clientele. I borrowed jewelry from the posh Heather's Haus of Jewelry. Pearl necklace and earrings that came with their own body guard. My blouse came from Denise's Tip Top Tailoring, which was way better than what I showed up in. (Don't blame me, I didn't know!) I did my own nails myself the night before, a completely happy accident.

Denise stayed up half the night trimming these leaves. Not to mention all of the other gorgeous decorations and yummy food! She rocks!

We went to this VERY exclusive restaurant. I'm pretty sure it was one of those things that disappears at midnight. Sorry you won't ever get to go there. They have the best lasagna and jello jigglers around. And the cheesecake? Fugeddaboudit!

I even got a goblet for my china cabinet... now if I only had a china cabinet. :D Geoff's and his siblings' Prom goblets are in his Mom's china cabinet and I freely admit my jealousy of such a trinket and what it represents. And now I have one!

All of this was a complete surprise to me. Geoff set it all up, including a babysitter. (Yep, I was THAT kind of Prom date) ;D So, as the dancing started, I asked if they had all learned a Promenade dance too, without telling me. I know, in Tooele, you have a date to Promenade that may or may not be your same date to the dance and you go to practices and everyone learns this choreographed dance that you all do together and parents stand on the balcony and take pictures and video. I almost got to go to Geoff's youngest sister's Promenade, but I was heavily pregnant (as in due any day) and had to miss it. We didn't do a Promenade... but there's always next year! ;D

Love these ladies!!!

It was fun to have a partner for every dance and never be left sitting there by myself. :D We were the goofy couple that couldn't stop laughing together. We also stole kisses, which is something high school me would never have even considered!

And so it was that after 12 years of marriage and even more than that since I DIDN'T get asked to Prom that I left my 5 children with a babysitter and went to the best Prom ever with my one and only true love and had the time of my life! Thanks, Hubby! You da Bomb!


aprilhoyt said...

SO cool and SO sweet!!! Your hubby rocks!

Author Joshua Hoyt said...

This is soo cool. Isn't it great to have good spouses.

Grandma Turtle said...

What a Team effort that was! That is better by far than any of the proms you thought you missed out on in high school. :)

The Crider Clan said...

Sounds like your prom was about a million percent better than either of mine were! Believe me when I did not miss out! Plus, I don't even know where my trinket goblet is!


K said...

That is about the coolest thing. What a sweet husband!

Liz Jaquier said...

How fun! Your husband is da bomb! What a great idea! You looked more amazing then you would have in high school. You're happier and your husband and being a mom make you glow. You also were more sure of yourself because you know the one you were dancing with and stealing kisses from loves you. Missing the prom would be worth it for this!!

Sistas in Zion said...

Found you from Mormon Daddy Blogs, this is awesome, you are blessed with a super hubs!

Heather said...

You were "that kind" of prom date. At least you weren't the pregnant prom date. :-D