Monday, January 17, 2011

The Game of Life

Miss Green drove her own car, until (at eight years old) she married her Prince Charming and let him drive. He has black hair, by the way, jet black hair and sparkly blue eyes. He likes to wear T-shirts and shorts and shades. Miss Green became a Travel Agent after college, but unfortunately many of her clients stiffed her and she didn't make very much. She was able to afford a nice Cottage in the country and lived a quiet, uneventful life with her husband and beautiful blond daughter with brown eyes who likes to wear purple polka dot dresses.

As an Accountant, Mrs. White made most of her money off of other people's taxes. She used this to buy a beautiful Dutch Colonial house in which she raised one boy and one girl with her husband who is blond, but doesn't have a beard or a mustache. Like most accountants, she spends a lot of time with her calculator counting her "monies" and is much more concerned with how many bills there are than what is written on them.

Handsome Rob was the last one to add children to his family car, which was red, but not Ute red, just red. His color-coordinated wife has long, red hair, blue eyes, red lips and always wants to wear... you guessed it! Red! At first, he saw the advantages of not having children right off when he declared, "It's okay that I don't have any kids, cuz then I don't have to go to the grocery store for them." All of his friends' families increasing caused visible pressure on him as he soon lamented, "I don't have a very good life cuz I don't have a child." He was overjoyed when all of a sudden his family size doubled with the arrival of twin boys! What a relief they were not girls! They must have been fraternal twins, however, because one has brown hair and blue eyes and the other has red hair and brown eyes. And not only that, but they defy all rules of time as by the end of the game, the red head was 7 years old and the one with brown hair was 16!

Bella Blue really liked to go on cruises and trips, which was just fine with Miss Green since, being the Travel Agent, she collected the money every time she did. Bella Blue amassed her fortune by being a police officer and playing the stock market. Who knew there was so much money in catching speeders and chasing after a bull market? Her husband shared her love of blue by matching his eyes to his pants, both blue, while his shirt was yellow. Oh, and his shoes were black, in case you were wondering. Their daughter, named Rosie likes to wear a pink dress with black polka dots. Not surprisingly, their son Philip likes to wear blue head to toe. They live in a gorgeous Victorian house with their white cat with black stripes named Rosabel.

I think this troupe must have met at college, not the Ute one, probably Utah State. Handsome Rob's salary of $100,000 per pay day was coveted by all other players at the table. The miraculous thing was that he was able to get it back twice before losing it the final time to his sister. His ultimate claim to fame, though was that, as the doctor, he removed tattoos from Miss Green and Mrs. White! They're keeping mum as to what the tattoos looked like exactly, though.

I think that we can all agree that, when you have cousins over to stay the weekend, Everyone can be a winner at the Game of Life!!


Valerie said...

Cute post! My word verification is shentify! What does that mean!

K said...

You crack me up. Now I have a sudden urge to play Life...