Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pictures I Like

Here I am bending chicken wire in all my pregnant glory. :) I am determined to keep the birds away from my precious berry patch! Geoff and Josh built me this awesome screened in cover, but here is proof that I helped. :D My Grandma Lee always had raspberries and they always bring back the best memories! I worked hard this spring to move all of our randomly placed strawberries over there, too, so I have a little corner of berry heaven. You'll notice that my head is a little ways over the top, so it's interesting trying to bend over that far without falling because of my center of gravity shift. :D It's all worth it, though! We have had lots of yummy raspberries this year and I'm sure the strawberries will be back next year.

This made me laugh when I walked into my bedroom one day. Some cute little brownies had made my bed for me and not only that, but laid out our pajamas, too! :D Even funnier is that the body pillow I've been using lately, makes my nightgown look pregnant even when I'm not in it! :D LOL (P.S. In case you're curious, I made that quilt for one of my Laurel projects when I redecorated my room as a teenager. Peach is no longer my favorite color, but come on! I worked hard on that!) :D

This is such an awesome, spontaneous pic! Emily asked if Becca could sit down by them and she set everything up and sat next to Becca holding her up while they watched a movie together. It was really sweet and I just love how much they all love being together. I mean, they don't always want to be, just like anybody else, but they really do like each other. What mother could ask for more? :D I sure love you guys!!!!


Grandma Turtle said...

I remember how you kids would lay out your clothes the night before, so in the mornings, you could just slide right into them. By the picture of the pajamas on the bed, it looks like the funness has now moved into the next generation. :)

CamilleJohnFam said...

Cute pic of all the kids! It is fun when they get along isn't it?

Michelle said...

You are adorable Diana! The joys of being a mother (the best job ever)!! You are a fabulous mommy too! :)

Fullerton Family said...

Holy cow, an hour?! Send some of those easy labor vibes my way!!