Sunday, July 13, 2008

High School Me

If you had told the high school me everything I am doing now, I'm pretty sure my jaw would have suffered a rug burn! I look into the face I had then and it's different enough from my now face that I mostly see what it lacks. It lacks the understanding of true sacrifice and suffering; experience and true empathy; the inexplicable joy that comes from enduring inexplicable pain. The then me didn't know how good she had it! Mom to fix meals. Dad to earn money. Sisters and brother down the hall or down the stairs. Family Home Evening with Mom, Dad and siblings... oh! what I wouldn't give to have that again!! Sadie. Oscar. Grover. Homework that seems so much easier than the questions I now get asked by a curious 6 year old. :D Even having a lunch all to myself would now be a welcome change, rather than popularity suicide.

The then me worried so much about not having a lot of friends. If I could, I'd tell her not to sweat it. Lasting friendships don't always happen when we think they should, but they are worth the wait. High School me wouldn't have liked to hear that very much, I don't think. There was a lot of drama and friends that slowly became acquaintances, however, as with all things in life that do not kill us, it made me stronger.

Cheers to High School Me! We made it through and lived to tell the tale! ;)

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Mrs. Organic said...

Of course I remember you! I'm glad that post was helpful - I put it there to remind me how good it feels when we all get out. I really need to do it more often.

I think the high school me would get an earful from the present day me! And a lot of it would be about patience ;)