Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Constipation Consternation

Okay, we usually have such smooth sailing that I don't usually get the chance to rant and rave. Thank goodness! :) But today I almost ended up in the ER and I'm feeling the need to vent.

Becca has another UTI and is on antibiotics. Well, if you know anything about UTIs, you know you're supposed to drink a lot! Well, try telling that to a little girl who drinks when she's thirsty and is done when she is done. We've been doing pretty good as long as I have a variety of liquids to give her. Anyway, we ended up with constipation, which is not really a big surprise, it's something we deal with all the time, but today her abdomen was swollen and every time I pressed there, she winced like it hurt really bad. (Don't worry, I stopped once I saw that it hurt!) So, I do what I normally do to get it out and nothing was working and she was in pain. So, I try calling the doctor and or nurse and of course they're at lunch, so I call my SIL and make a plan to leave the little girls with her and run to the ER. Then I called DH to tell him what's going on and he doesn't want me to go to the ER first because we're still paying on our last visit there, but this time she's on Medicaid. Money's not a good enough reason for me and he's like, they're just going to put on a glove and do what you could do at home, so just do it. My first reaction was to freak out, naturally, so I'm crying that there's something really wrong and I need to DO something and that just didn't seem like the thing to do and I was just a basket case. So, I decided I needed to calm down above all else, so I went in my room and hit my knees. As I'm praying, I can feel the anxiety drain right out of me and pretty soon I'm taking deep breaths instead of short, nervous ones and I feel much more ready to face the situation. So, I get out a glove, new diaper, wipes, everything and lo and behold! she was already done!

Now she's laying on the floor watching Care Bears with Emily and you wouldn't know a crazy lady lives here! :)

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Lisa M. said...

A crazy lady indeed! Crazy to not share this site with us before. Good heavens, ya closet blogger.


Its the most therapudic thing I do.

Diana the same thing has happened to me. I think we all feel overwhelmed and over run and over whatever with our little angels.

You did exactly the right thing. Prayers, prayer and more prayers.

*HUGS* for your ladybugs.