Monday, February 13, 2012

Things You Will NEVER Hear My Husband Say...

No, no more brownies for me, thanks!

You wanna have an Anne of Green Gables marathon? I can't wait!!

That dinner was disgusting!

One more level? Nah! I think I'm done playing video games for a while.

You feel like writing today? Too bad! Clean the house instead!

I think I'll just run in Home Depot and right back out again!

My computer has quite enough memory, my video card is great and  my monitor is just the right size.

Your talents are not as important as mine.

Any dirty diapers need changing? I just had a hankering.

You wanna take a quick 3 mile jog?

I needed a haircut, so I stopped off at the barber and paid money for one.

I give up!

I'm glad they canceled Futurama, Firefly and IT Crowd, let's watch some type of sporting event instead.

I love you, Hubby. We are such a great team! We laugh SO hard sometimes which is what drew me to you in the first place. You support me and listen to my crazy ideas and world-changing amazing inventions. I'm so glad we're in this together... life would be so boring without you! I'm glad I get to hang out with you for eternity... we're gonna have so much fun!

Happy Valentines Day!!

P.S. His list is here.


aprilhoyt said...

what a fun list!! (The computer one is SO my hubby too!)

Montgomery Q said...

I like yours better. I'm happy for you two.

Mrs. Organic said...

So funny, you two are darling.

Colleen/Grandma/Mom said...

I love how you think, Diana! I hope you had fun sharing your lists with each other! Laughter is great therapy!

Luke Baker said...

Love your list Diana, you two are wonderful!

Christine Merrill said...

I think you win, Diana...of course I am a little biased...

Laura Orton said...

Yay you guys! Fun idea.

Heather said...

Sorry, gotta vote for both. Adam and I were both cracking up. So fun.