Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pink Milk

Am I asking too much of this milk? A little half and half, a lot of whole milk- the bottle seems mostly full. Then I add a half a packet of Instant Breakfast, a few tablespoons of a constipation releiving substance and some spoonfuls of pink flavoring. I'm no scientist, but isn't there only so much suspension that can happen in a liquid?

Luckily it all fits because it does it's job and she REALLY likes it!

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Lisa M. said...


So are you using Miralax? That is what we use.

I'll have to tell you the conversation I had with Dr. Such about Miralax.

I said "Can't he become dependant on it?" And she said OH SO BLUNTLY (which I have learned to love and appreciate) "yes, he can, but more than likely he will always need it, so what differece does it make"

Humm was I ready to hear that?

(I really do like her though)

Anyway. What is pink flavoring?

I am SO glad she loves it!

There are good days, aren't there?